Are you embarking on a non-fiction writing project for the first time, and would like some tips on how to get started? Or have have you finished your manuscript but not sure whether it’s quite there yet?

Are you a newly published author trying to decide whether to self- or traditionally publsh? Or are you a freelance writer looking for some advice on how to become a better and more profitable writer.

Whichever of these scenarios apply to you, I hope you find the following resources useful.

Writing Prompts to Plan and Write a Brilliant Business Book

image of writing prompts by mary cummings

As a developmental editor, ghostwriter, and writing coach, I’ve helped scores of clients successfully write and publish books as best-sellers in their genre.

My journal and workbook, “Writing Prompts to Plan and Write a Brilliant Business Book”, will help you plan and sructure your non-fiction outline so you can write with ease.  [More ..]

The Business of Freelancing

the business of freelancing

My course “The Business of Freelancing” shows you how to run and manage a profitable, creative freelance business.

Let’s face it, you’re an amazing freelancer. You love what you do and your clients love what you do too. But are the following challenges getting in the way of you running a profitable creative freelance business?

  • Positioning (finding your niche among the 1001 other freelancers providing the same service out there);
  • Pitching (what’s the best way to find great projects and successfully pitch for them?);
  • Pricing (how do you prce the right fee for the project?).

If they are, my course can help.  [More]

What’s the Deal With Publishing Contracts?

What's the deal with publishing contracts

Publishing contracts are notoriously difficult to navigate but thankfully not impossible.

If you are keen to pursue the traditional publishing route, my short guide “What’s the Deal With Publishing Contracts” briefly explains what to expect.   [More]