Reader’s Report


Here’s the challenge. When you started writing your book, it was a joyous, effortless exercise. Ideas flowed, research was a doddle, and your fingers skipped gaily across the keyboard.

Now months’ later, your writing has come to a grinding halt. Doubt has set in, your nagging inner voice won’t shut up, and try as you might, you can’t build the momentum to get going again.

Do you feel helpless, frustrated, and stuck?

How I can help 

Sometimes, all you need when you’ve run out of steam is to see things from a fresh new perspective, and that’s how I can help, with my Reader’s Report.

Non-Fiction Reader’s Report

My reader’s report is a 5-page big picture report, highlighting your manuscript’s strengths, weaknesses, and suggestions for improvement.

It will include notes on the following:

  • Your book idea, style, and structure in relation to your target readership;
  • Overall clarity of message;
  • Overall voice and storytelling;
  • Its appeal to your intended readership;
  • The main point effectively conveyed in relation to your book’s message;
  • Your knowledge/expertise effectively conveyed;
  • Overall strengths and weaknesses, with suggestions on how to improve;
  • Publishing advice to support your business marketing goals.

Please note that no notes or editing are made to the manuscript itself.  If you’d like a manuscript edit, consider using my Developmental Editing service instead.

Why might you use this service?

This is constructive feedback to empower you and give you a clear direction on how to make improvements to your manuscript yourself.

It will suit you if:

  • You have a complete or near-complete manuscript; 
  • You feel confident to rewrite and continue with a little guidance.


Please complete my contact form, and we can discuss the finer details.