mary cummings

“So be sure when you step, step with care and great tact. And remember that life’s a great balancing act. And will you succeed? Yes! You will, indeed! (98 and ¾ percent guaranteed).”

Dr. Seuss, “Oh The Places You’ll Go.”


Hi, I’m Mary Cummings.

I’m a ghostwriter, developmental editor, collaborator and writing coach.

I work with coaches, consultants, business owners, and entrepreneurs who are serious about publishing a brilliantly written, perfectly edited, engaging business book that hits the spot for their target readers.

My writing career began in 1995, writing corporate marketing presentations for an Investment Bank.

The writing was yawn-inducing corporatese, but I did at least work for a chap who was a stickler for fact-checking. By the time I decided to swap my corporate coup for freelance freedom in 2005, I had fallen inexorably in love with research.

Perhaps this influenced my career move, as I became a business journalist writing for trade publications in print and online. 

Journalism kept me on my toes, instilling excellent communication skills, yet even more meticulous research, lively conversational interviews, and of course, the ability to deliver. Fast.

“Mary is a dedicated professional and super editor, with a wealth of knowledge of the industry. It has been a pleasure to work with her.” Deborah Durbin, award-winning author, investigative journalist and columnist.

“Mary is a fantastic editor to work with. She’s professional, encouraging, inspirational and full of ideas.” Kate Lassetter, Copywriter and Social Media Marketing Consultant.

A Journalist will either end up writing a book or launching a magazine.

I launched a magazine.

“Work Your Way” was a quarterly print magazine, aimed at freelance, self-employed and entrepreneurial mums. The magazine and online blog won me recognition from former Mayor of London, Mr. Boris Johnson for in his words:

“forging new relationships, sparking ideas and providing advice in an easy, accessible way.”

In 2012, I was approached by Lorraine Allman, to contribute to her influential first edition, “Enterprising Child – Developing your child’s entrepreneurial potential.”

“Enterprising Child” (now “Can-Do Child”) consistently achieved ‘best-selling’ status in its genre.

“Since meeting Mary she has quickly become a genuinely trusted business partner of mine on a number of different initiatives, and that in itself is a testimony to the honesty, integrity, warmth and sense of humour she brings to any professional relationship and opportunity.” Lorraine Allman – Author, Educator, International Consultant, Founder of Enterprising Child.”

I realised this was an excellent opportunity to support other business owners in their writing and publishing goals, so my career as a collaborative writer was born.

I have since ghostwritten and contributed to numerous business titles, edited scores of manuscripts, and coached as many writers. 

My expertise has been featured in The Telegraph, Sage Advice UK, Talk Business, The Small Business Blog, and on BBC Radio 5.

I’m a member of The Society of Authors, and a member of The Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs.

I also blog about creative freelancing at www.workyourway.co.uk