F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote, “You don’t write because you want to say something, you write because you have something to say.”

My guess is you have something to say too, and a book is a great way to say it. But let’s face it, writing is hard work. It’s a craft that requires practice, diligence, focus, and dogged determination. 

How I can help

Firstly, I’m adept at helping non-fiction writers frame their knowledge into a book that engages their target reader – a skill that has taken me years of rigorous, professional, training to master. 

Secondly, when I take on a ghostwriting project, it’s all I focus on, and I have the luxury of being able to focus on it in complete peace and quiet (save for the hum of swing jazz playing in the background to keep me company).

Why might you use this service?

This is will suit you if:

    • You have an idea for a book but don’t know where to start;
    • You’d like the benefit of an experienced, non-fiction writer you can trust to write your business book for you.

Absolutely. The bottom line: there’s nothing unethical about hiring someone to provide a service, especially if it’s a service that requires a skill you don’t have. 

Perhaps the reason why this question arises is that ghostwriting seems a tad shady, with the writer doing all the work (from idea generation to completed manuscript), and the author receiving the glory.

That’s not quite how ghostwriting works. The ideas, memories, knowledge, expertise (of the field in question) are 100% yours, the author.  My job as a ghostwriter is to ‘wordsmith’ it all so that it looks great on the page. Otherwise, ghostwriting is a collaborative process, with many discussions and opportunities for you to review throughout.

does anyone need to know?

No. It’s always up to the author to decide whether to credit the ghostwriter.

In some cases, credit is made public on the cover as in, “by X with X”.  In other cases, credit is made in the acknowledgments. If you’d prefer no-one to know, that’s perfectly fine.

Who owns the rights to the book?

You the author own the entire rights to your book. We enter into an Agreement between us.

Are there alternatives to full-on ghostwriting?

Absolutely. If you simply need a little guidance in the right direction while you continue writing yourself, check out my Reader’s Report or my Developmental Edit.

If you would like to discuss the finer details of your writing project with me, please feel free to contact me.