Developmental Editing


You’ve finally finished your manuscript after months of canceled social engagements, and near-solitary confinement slogging away at your computer.

There’s freshly brewed coffee in your celebratory mug, and 200 crisp white pages lying neatly in your lap. You’re full of enthusiasm as you settle down to have a read.

But after reading the first couple of chapters, you frown and wonder, ‘What on earth was I thinking?’

It doesn’t take you long to realise the whole thing is not quite up to scratch. 

How I can help 

You’ve spent months researching your topic and hearing the sound of your own writing voice in your head, so it’s virtually impossible for you to remove yourself from your work to see it objectively. That’s how I can help with a developmental edit.

It’s a full critique which admittedly might hurt, but it’s a vital next step if you’re serious about publishing a professionally, polished book to industry and market standards. 

Developmental Edit

My Developmental Edit is a thorough, line-by-line edit of your manuscript’s style and structure.

It includes everything offered in my Reader’s Report, with the aim of digging deeper, reviewing:

      • Your book idea, style, and structure in relation to your intended readership;
      • Your opening/closing ‘hook’;
      • The phrasing of sentences and paragraphs to ensure clarity of message;
      • Your overall voice and ‘storytelling’ style;
      • Language appropriate to your intended readership;
      • The main point effectively conveyed in relation to your book’s message;
      • Your knowledge/expertise effectively conveyed;
      • Any holes, missing arguments, confusing ideas;
      • Cliches, stereotypes, mixed metaphor;
      • Appropriate sources cited, complete bibliography;
      • Overall strengths and weaknesses, with suggestions on how to improve;

It will also include:

      • Publishing advice to support your book marketing goals; and
      • A 30-minute phone or Skype call to discuss the edit/any queries.

Your developmental edit includes an annotated manuscript, and a seperate report. Please note, however, that this does not include a copy edit or proofread

Why might you use this service?

This will suit you if:

    • You have a completed manuscript; 
    • You’re overwhelmed with too many or conflicting beta reader reports, and you’re not sure which advice to take seriously;
    • You need a clear fix from an experienced editor to help you move forward.

Please complete my contact form, and we can discuss the finer details.


p.s. If you’re working on your outline and simply want a few prompts to guide you in the right direction, you may find my journal and workbook useful.

image of writing prompts by mary cummings